Family and friends, ready for take off!

Group flight, family and friends, Large groups, Incentives and Team building activity’s

If you would like to book a balloon for your family, or several balloons for a large group, we offer attractive group rates.

If you would prefer a special private ballooning experience, with the basket reserved for your family or friends only, we offer the Privilege flight for groups. Be it your close family or extended group of friends and relatives or business partners.. we will take you up with our balloons. We operate many balloons with baskets of various sizes accommodating comfortably 5 to 8 up to 16 passengers and with our large fleet we do fly groups of 45 or more passengers.

After landing you will be served a Prosecco Toast or the full Tuscan Champagne breakfast in the field we land, celebrating the special occasion!

An incentive hot air ballooning program should meet precise aims like motivating the staff, stimulating the network and establishing privileged relations. Its outcome must result
beyond the expectations and be memorable! We take care of every little detail, giving perfect services in a autstanding beautiful setting, providing an experience that allows for both learning and leisure.

Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

Tariff on request.

Flights are in the early morning, every day weather permitting.
Flights are tightly restricted in numbers and availability and filled on a first-come basis. To check availability and to book your group flight please send us a message via the Reservation Form, or just call.


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SIENA hot air balloon rides

BOOKING your balloon flight of a lifetime !  Hot air ballooning in Siena.

One of the most beautiful medieval city’s to fly over! Siena hot air balloon rides are a wonderful experience!
To fly the hot air balloons over Siena is always spectacular, even when the wind currents do not allow to fly the balloons right over the centre of town, you will still get beautiful views of the city and the gentle rolling Crete Senesi in the distance.

We have several balloon takeoff locations around Siena from which we takeoff depending on wind direction.
Siena balloon flights, advance booking required.
We fly our balloons regularly from Siena, should we not meet the minimum group size of four passengers, the flight may be rescheduled to another location. Alternative, Private flight.

For more information and to book your balloon ride in Siena please send us a message:   Booking



BALLOONING in SIENA – Hot air balloon rides,
From here you will see the warm glowing rose-colored brick and silver-grey travertine of the Renaissance city; The half finished black and white marble Duomo, the grand tower over the Piazza del Campo and the delicate Torre del Mangia, flanked by a chapel built as thanksgiving after the plague. In the distance, you will view the Chianti hills, its castles and famous vineyards and woods to the North. The soft rolling hills of the Crete Senesi with the monumental Monte Amiata in the distance to the South. Sometimes towards the end of the flight, looking for a suitable landing field, we fly over the medieval walled town of Monteriggioni (mentioned by Dante in the Divina Commedia),  Monteriggioni’s exterior walls and the buildings within are some the best preserved in all of Italy, attracting tourists, architects, medieval historians and archaeologists, and of course balloonists!
Sometimes we go for a ballooning tour a few miles further South of Siena and takeoff in Buonconvento (bonus conventus, “happy place”, mentioned for the first time in 1100), and Montalcino home of the renowned Brunello di Montalcino wine. Also from nearby Pienza to fly over the rolling hills of the Crete senesi and the Val d’Orcia.


SIENA. A modest settlement of Etruscan origin entered history under the name of Colonia Julia Saena in 29 BC. Siena is the embodiment of a an outstanding medieval city that has preserved its character and quality to a remarkable degree. Its influence on art, architecture and town planning in the Middle Ages, both in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, was great. Its inhabitants pursued their rivalry with Florence right into the area of urban planning. Throughout the centuries, they preserved their city’s Gothic appearance, acquired between the 12th and 15th centuries. The whole city of Siena, built around the Piazza del Campo, was devised as a work of art that blends into the surrounding landscape. The historic centre of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. It is one of the nation’s most visited tourist attractions. Hotels in Siena.

Siena is famous for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the Palio, the horse race. The Palio di Siena is a traditional (and controversial) medieval horse race run around the Piazza del Campo twice each year, on 2 July and 16 August. The event is attended by large crowds, and is widely televised.

Sometimes we go for a ballooning tour a few miles further South of Siena and takeoff in Buonconvento (bonus conventus, “happy place”, mentioned for the first time in 1100), and Montalcino home of the renowned Brunello di Montalcino wine. Also from nearby Pienza to fly over the rolling hills of the Crete senesi and the Val d’Orcia.

Siena hot air balloon rides are a wonderful experience that takes some preparation and suitable weather conditions.

For more information or to book a balloon ride in Siena or Buonconvento
please don’t hesitate to contact us:   Booking

Florence balloon rides

Fly over Florence!

Only when the wind and weather conditions are right one can fly with the balloon right over the city of Florence, during the hot summer months Florence balloon rides are not always possible.  It took us quite a bit of homework to make this balloon flight happen, were certainly rewarded by the stunning views! Somtimes when the winds are right we takeoff from the Southern part of the city and fly out into the florentine hills.

For further information about the Florence balloon rides and to book your flight, please go to BOOKING