DIRECTIONS  – Where do the hot air balloons takeoff?

Chianti – San Casciano in Val di Pesa.

The fields where we usually take off are located 9 miles south of Florence on the hills along the Pesa valley, strategically positioned along the main road “Via Cassia” (SR2) leading from Florence to Siena.

We will meet in the minute village Calzaiolo, at the corner of “Hotel Calzaiolo”.

  • From Florence or Siena:
  • Take the motorway Superstrada Firenze – Siena
  • Exit Bargino.
  • Turn left onto the SR2 (Via Cassia) towards San Casciano in Val di Pesa.
  • 800 metres you are in Calzaiolo.

Do make sure you are on time – the balloon can not wait for late arrivals!

As with any commercial flight, if you miss your flight no refund will be due. If you cannot find the launch site or you think you are going to be late please do call us on (+39) 335 645 4036 for further directions. However, it may not be possible to delay the balloon takeoff.

Passengers must telephone us the evening before the flight for final confirmation

tel (+39) 055 824 9120 or mobile (+39) 335 6454036

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