Standard balloon ride

Balloon take off


Standard balloon flight. Share your ballooning experience, On the Standard balloon ride you will usually be flying with a small group of four up to eight passengers. Sharing the flight and Prosecco breakfast with fellow passengers is great fun, exchanging travel experiences and pictures and the joy of flying the balloon over the Tuscan Chianti hills.
Your ballooning adventure will include an unforgettable flight of about one hour with spectacular panoramic views, and after landing a traditional ballooning ‘Champagne’ breakfast. The whole tour takes about 2½ – 3 hours.

Tariff. Euro 270 per person.

Children under 14 years of age Euro 250. Flights are in the early morning, every day weather permitting.
Flights are tightly restricted in numbers and availability and filled on a first-come basis. To check availability and to book your flight please send us a message via the Reservation Form ,  or just call.


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Tuscany ballooning


Winter flights

Winter flights, Ballooning in winter is a wonderful experienc., the first bonus is that we don’t have to start so early in the morning, because the air is cold and stable, there is no thermal activity.

Yes, it is cold on the ground, but the burners of the hot-air balloon are good heaters!  In winter the colours and visibility in Tuscany are often exceptional, with clear views to the Apenine ranges covered in snow.. What I love most is looking right into the forest, observe life in the woods through the bare trees and see the wild boar running for cover..

Flying all year round through every season is a bit like looking down onto a calendar.  See when the farmers plant the vegetable garden, when it is time to start pruning the olive trees, time for plowing, the grapes are ripe and, oh yes,  the smell of Spring..